Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beyoncé at Jay-Z Carnegie Hall After Party

Beyoncé rules at Jay-Z concert's after-party, staying out long after Blue Ivy Carter's bedtime
40/40 Club's bash after Carnegie Hall concert shows Jay and Nas have put feud behind them
Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 6:00 AM
Beyoncé Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Did baby worries cause Beyoncé to skip husband Jay-Z ’s Carnegie Hall concert?
An insider tells us the booty-licious mama skipped Hova’s historic show because their infant daughter, Blue Ivy Carter , wasn’t feeling well.
The baby must have made a quick recovery because Beyoncé kicked back at the after-party until about 4 a.m.
Shortly after the booty-licious mama arrived at her husband’s 40/40 Club for post-concert festivities Monday night, we asked her if she’d gone to the show.
“Yes,” she told us, calling her spouse’s concert “amazing.”
On Tuesday, however, the 40/40 club sent out an email stating, “Despite various reports, Beyoncé did not attend Jay-Z’s concert”
The couple’s reps did not respond to our questions seeking an explanation for Beyoncé’s absence from the show, but our source said it had to do with her concerns over Ivy.
“You know how first-time mothers are,” said the source.
The 40/40 club’s e-mail noted that the pop diva’s first public appearance since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter was at the club.
“She arrived with her mother, Tina Knowles ,” and her mother-in-law, Gloria Carter. After “sprinting through a side entrance” shortly before midnight, Beyoncé toured the club for the first time since its renovation,” the e-mail read.
Looking resplendent in a hip-hugging, cleavage-showcasing red dress and embroidered Christian Louboutin shoes, the platinum-selling performer stayed until the bitter end with Hova, rapper Nas , marketing guru Steve Stoute and a few other pals.
The group held court in a cordoned-off VIP area in the middle of the 40/40, and enjoyed flutes of Ace of Spades Champagne and executive chef Mike Shand ’s signature dishes. Later in the evening, Jay-Z and Nas tossed back shots.
Beyoncé mostly stuck to water, but around 3 a.m. we observed her sipping what appeared to be a glass of bubbly.
Although Jay and his wife socialized separately, they did share a hug when Beyoncé arrived in the VIP area.
At another point in the evening, Jay-Z reached for his wife’s hand to check on her, sweetly kissing it after she assured him everything was fine.
Security was tight around the power couple and and partygoers were strongly discouraged from snapping pics of Beyoncé.
Former rivals Jay-Z and Nas — who had a very public rap feud that ended in 2005 — looked like best buds at the party. On multiple occasions Jay-Z made Nas, who was a guest performer at Carnegie Hall, laugh so hard the Queens product was almost crying.
Jay-Z & Nas Tuesday, February 7, 2012
While the party crowd was less star-studded than the club’s grand reopening three weeks ago, it was definitely highbrow. Many in attendance wore formal attire and the club enforced a dress code at the door.
A source tells us Beyoncé was at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday night where she "never stopped dancing" to Jay-Z's performance and "cried when he sang 'Glory,' " his tribute to Ivy Blue.

Cool Black's Mad Commentary: If you think Beyoncé was faking her pregnancy take a look at these...I mean this.

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