Thursday, November 29, 2012

John Grisham - The Racketeer - Cool Black Review

The RacketeerThe Racketeer by John Grisham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This, my ELEVENTH John Grisham book, travels the usual course of other Grisham books and I’m fine with that. Why else would I keep coming back? But this one has enough deviations to elevate it.

First and for foremost, the protagonist for the first time I can think of in a Grisham book is black. Does Grisham integrate black culture into the character? Not really, but I’m fine with that. I’d rather he stay away from it than do a piss poor representation of black culture. Even though I recall him doing a good job on black culture in his first book, A Time to Kill even though I surmise he just really knew a lot about southern culture rather than just black culture.

In any case about this character, this book, he’s not a lawyer…but he used to be and he unlatches a convoluted plan, as they all do, to better himself. This is the usual blueprint of a Grisham book, but a lot of what happens is a real mystery as you wonder why he has taken a prolonged deviation from what seems like the main story, but of course is not.

Another usual good Grisham book, but he gets major points for making the protagonist and a lot of supporting characters black and mixing it with a good, suspenseful story.

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LOL. Drew at Goodreads nailed it!

Here's Grisham's story checklist:

1. Small-town lawyer who was wronged by the Feds.
2. Lots of cash and shady off-shore banking.
3. Righting wrong against Feds (or evil corporations)
4. Bumbling Feds
5. Attractive woman who helps small-town lawyer

That happened in pretty much all the Grisham books I've read and yet I still keep coming back. LOL.

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