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Ranking the Solo Defenders Series

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Now that I've seen all four of the solo Defenders series and can say how each one ranked.

In October 2013, it was reported that Marvel was preparing four drama series and a miniseries, totaling 60 episodes. Weeks later it was announced that Netflix would provide live action series centered around Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, leading up to a miniseries based on the Defenders, a group of the heroes. Each character was to get one season and then join forces in the Defenders Mini-Series. Because of the popularity of the first series to premiere, Daredevil got a second season before the Defenders.

The Defenders Mini-Series is supposed to premiere on Netflix sometime this year, 2017.

Each series was unique and brought their own flavor, which made some standout more than others.I reviewed each season as I watched them so below is mostly how I think they ranked with some brief comments. 

5. IRON FIST, Season One (Premiered March 17, 2017). I didn’t hate this intro to the character, but it left a lot to be desired. Danny Rand (the Iron Fist) was fine, his supporting cast good to great, the martial arts–a lot to be desired. The show had a lot of other good things going for it, but as a solo Defenders series it comes in last.

4. DAREDEVIL, Season Two (Premiered March 18, 2016) I thought this season was cool. As I stated “Because of the popularity of the first series to premiere, Daredevil got a second season before the Defenders.” And maybe they shouldn’t have. Besides the introduction of The Punisher and another surprise, a lot in the season didn’t really work for me.

3. LUKE CAGE, Season One (Premiered September 30, 2016) This series promised to be unlike its predecessors and it WAS! Luke Cage, the series, from the start became the blackest show on television! Because it was Netflix it went places other black TV shows never went and grounded it in a crime drama in one of the most historical black places in the United States–Harlem.  Even though the show was called “Luke Cage” it could have been “Harlem”, that’s how integral the area was to the show. Despite a plot twist that turned a lot of people off, I thought the season ended on a good note.

2. DAREDEVIL, Season One (Premiered April 10, 2015) This inaugural Defenders series was all types of kickasscrazy. It was raw, it was gritty and it had a great villain whose story paralleled Daredevil’s which made him even more tragic and twisted. The origin of a hero was perfectly plotted and I contest a lot better served in a series than a movie.

1. JESSICA JONES, Season One (Premiered November 20, 2015) I didn’t know what to think about this show and didn’t even like it the first couple of episodes, but I finally got it and what I got I loved. Jessica Jones starts out the most damaged of heroes and we soon find out why …one of the most twisted of villains, with a twisted motive and a twisted power to boot. Way more psychological and methodical, I thought this show presented the fullest depiction of a complex hero and made it more than a “superhero show”.

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WATCH the trailer for The Defenders below

My Review of 'The Defenders'
#Defenders Review: Ok I really liked it👍🏾—but it had problems man. 😒The first half (four episodes) while seemed to drag at first really picked up when the Defenders were finally together. The latter four episodes would often take HUGE leaps in logic and story to bring certain storylines together. For the film/screenwritng folks, a lot of damn #DeusExMachina.😒 The reason I liked it was that the series excelled when all four Defenders were together, fighting and or bickering together. The side characters (friends of the Defenders) to me were mostly a distraction. They seemed to have too much of a presence throughout and I'll leave it at that. I guess my main problem still is—THE HAND. They aren't compelling villains to me.🤷🏽‍♂️ I know they are a huge factor in the comics, but in the #MCU—shrug. After three seasons (Daredevil: Season 2, Iron Fist: Season 1 and of course Defenders: Season 1) they can't make them pertinent to me. I know it doesn't sound like I liked it, but I really did and one of those reasons began and ended with SIGOURNEY WEAVER! She brought instant gravitas and heft to any scene she was in. Not to mention a badass wardrobe! I joked on Twitter that THAT was her "superpower". LOL. She was the main villain #TheDefenders needed to make the show intriguing. In the end it was great to finally see all four Defenders together, yes all four, even Iron Fist. I think as a group they gelled in a "we don't even want to work together, but we will to save the city🗽" sort of way. LOL. Their group action scenes were kickass and pretty much what we were hoping for. I had more specific thoughts in my •LIVE•TWEETS• and I'll probably tweet more now than I'm finished. All tweets will be in a Twitter thread @ the Link in my BIO😎🙅🏻💪🏾👊 #DanksReview
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