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'Attack The Block' Coming to Blu-ray/DVD On Oct. 25th

Attack the Block Announced for DVD and Blu-ray
The cult hit is coming home, bruv. Believe it.

by Cindy White -
September 12, 2011 September 13, 2011

One of the best-reviewed movies of the summer happens to be one of the least hyped, but now that Attack the Block is coming to home video, it just may have a chance to fulfill its cult potential. HitFix has the news that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing the British alien invasion movie to DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 25, 2011.

The film marks the promising feature debut of writer-director Joe Cornish and was produced by Edgar Wright (director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead). It centers on a group of London hoodlums who rise to the challenge of protecting their neighborhood when vicious, jet-black creatures begin falling from the sky and attacking the residents of a South London housing project.

Among the bonus material will be no less than three audio commentaries. The "Junior Commentary" features Cornish with the film's younger stars – John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Simon Howard and Leeon Jones. The "Senior Commentary" has Cornish with the older cast members, including Jodie Whittaker, Luke Treadaway and Nick Frost. Finally, the "Executive Producer Commentary" has Cornish and Wright.

There are also these five featurettes:

--Behind the Block

--Creature Feature

--Meet the Gang

--Unfilmed Action

--That's a Rap

And here's packaging:

UPDATE: March 2012
I have finally viewed many of the extras and TOTALLY AGREE what the site HIGH-DEF Digest said below especially Behind the Block

The Supplements: Digging Into the Good Stuff
  • Audio Commentaries –
    There are three audio commentaries included on this release, and they're all worth listening to.
    First off you have what's called the "Junior Commentary," which features Cornish along with kid actors John Boyega (Moses), Alex Esmail (Pest), Franz Drameh (Dennis), Simon Howard (Biggz), and Leeon Jones (Jerome). Cornish does a good job steering the commentary, keeping it on point. It's light-hearted, full of anecdotes about the filming, and being on set.
    The second commentary is called "Senior Commentary," which features another appearance from Cornish along with the older actors in the movie Jodie Whittaker (Sam), Luke Treadaway (Brewis), and Nick Frost (Ron). As always Frost has a few great lines. Even though he has minimal screen time, he may be the reason to check out this commentary. It's great to have the different views though. Most of the kids are relatively new actors, while these three have lengthier filmographies. It's kind of cool to get both points of view about what it's like working on movies.
    The third and final commentary is the "Executive Producer Commentary," which features Cornish, and famed director, who is credited as a producer here, Edgar Wright. Even though Wright wasn't in the director's chair, his finger prints are all over the look and feel of this movie. Cornish and Wright talk about working together and the more technical aspects of filming the movie.

  • Behind the Block (HD, 1 hr.) – This surprisingly lengthy making-of feature covers anything and everything you may want to know about the movie. If the three commentaries full of filming information weren't enough, here's an hour-long making-of feature that is filled with behind-the-scenes footage of how the cast was chosen, how certain scenes were filmed, and how it was being on set with everyone. What a great special feature. Usually these making-of features are simply promotional clip-heavy tools that run 10 – 20 minutes. This one has some real thought put into it though. Fans will definitely want to sit down and watch this.

  • Creature Feature (HD, 20 min.) – Here's the skinny on how the special effects team created the awesome creatures for the movie. Again, not just cursory information. At 20 minutes this featurette covers quite a lot of ground when it comes to creating the original look of the creatures in the film.

  • Meet the Gang (HD, 15 min.) – A hodgepodge of clips with the main people in the film answering questions about their jobs and newspapers in general.

  • Unfilmed Action (HD, 5 min.) – Here's a quick look at some action scenes that were cut in order to finish the film in the allotted budget.

  • That's A Rap (HD, 2 min.) – A rap by the movie's cast.

  • Trailers (HD, 5 min.) – A U.K. theatrical trailer is included along with the U.S. Red-Band trailer.

Final Thoughts
'Attack the Block' is a treat because you're really not sure what to expect from it, until you're about halfway through and you realize that this low-budget movie is one of the best alien invasion movies out there. It may be set on a small scale, but it's got a big heart. With people like Wright pulling the strings behind the camera, it's easy to see where the movie gets its signature frantic action-packed feel. It's a hysterically thrilling action movie. With good video, great audio, and an extensive special features package 'Attack the Block' is recommended for any movie lover looking for a good time.
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Cool Black's Mad Commentary: I totally agree with this quote:
Let me be the first one to say that Sony Pictures/Screen Gems did NOT do right by Attack The Block, a film I still firmly hold as one of the best films I’ve seen this year. (and perhaps the best film of the summer). Despite great reviews and great audience response, the film never got the kind of solid and wide spread theatrical release it so rightly deserved. - Sergio, Shadow & Act
I also agree with this-
I’m not sure what the thinking or strategy was on Sony’s part. ... It hasn’t even grossed $1 million yet (domestic) which I was flabbergasted by when I saw its numbers last week. I figured it would have done far better. Its widest release was just 66 theaters simultaneously. I now have to wonder what the point of all those free preview screenings were the held before its release. I figured they were prepping for a nationwide roll-out. Guess not. Maybe they’re shooting for home video profits. -Tambay, Shadow & Act
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