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My Top Ten Films of 2012

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My Top Ten list of my favorite films of 2012 are just that. These are films that affected me and gave me a pure cinematic experience! Some of these films I wasn't even checking for like that, but good word of mouth got me to see them and WOW was the word of mouth correct.  Even though there are a couple of films released in 2012 that I have yet to see, these are the best of what I did see as of this publishing.

The below list consists of films released in 2012 and in some cases my review or additional comments on the films are linked.

I’ve listed the films from ten to one as my favorites and at least seven of these films are EXCELLENT! The other three are very good, so good that out of ALL the dozens of new films I’ve seen in 2012 they made the Top Ten.


Liam Neeson was great again in this fantastic unconventional thriller. The “villains” are not who you think, but Liam is definitely a hero. A great tale of survival.

9. Looper
 I didn't even want to see this film despite liking the main stars. I’ve been a science fiction fan long enough to have seen every paradox about time travel that you can think of, but this film managed to take a unique slant on it. The performances were really great too!

8. End of Watch
This was another film that flew under my radar. Again, I thought I’d seen enough “cop movies” and this one didn’t look like it offered anything new, but it did. The film was gritty and excellent!

7. Think Like a Man 
Hilariously funny and romantic. All of the several couples in the film are likable and the movie is definitely one of the best of the year.
—>Read my full review here

6. The Avengers 
Who would have thought that after much build up that the “sequel” to all those solo superhero movies would be not good, but excellent. Writer/Director Joss Whedon crafted the perfect superhero movie!

5. Compliance 
A disturbingly excellent film that did not use gore, special effects or jump cuts to make you sick. All it did was have great acting and dialogue. An excellent film from 2012 that you might not have heard of.
—>Read my full review here

4. Middle of Nowhere 
This film came out of Sundance in January 2012 with all kinds of accolades that I thought couldn’t possibly measure up to my high scrutiny, but it did. An excellent motion picture that had a limited theatrical release that you should see when it becomes available.
—>Read my full review here

3. Prometheus 
An excellent film that NO ONE got. Well mostly no one. The biggest mistake on the audience’s part was expecting this to be a prequel to Alien despite the director and everyone involved saying it was NOT. That coupled with several ambiguous plot elements left the audience hollow. I got everything the picture was trying to say and accepted the things it did not. The film was still one of the spectacular films you will see from 2012
—>Read my full and EXPANSIVE review here

2. Argo 
This is the perfect Hollywood movie. An excellent movie. The fact that it involved Hollywood didn’t hurt none. I wrote more in my day after enthusiasm post Why ‘Argo’ Might Walk Away with it ALL at The Oscars here

1. Beasts of the Southern Wild
My favorite film of 2012 had to have been the one that moved me the most. Watching this film was a reminder of the power of cinema to me. A phenomenal film.
—>Read my full review here

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