Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Charlie Murphy-The Making of a Stand-Up Guy REVIEW

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I read this book because to me Charlie’s story is just as interesting as his brother Eddie’s. This was a guy who seemed really be from the streets and led a hard knock life. He also made several funny appearances on the Howard Stern Show, telling his tales of his background. Even though he tells some humorous tales here and there, the book as a memoir is average. He has lived an interesting life, but nothing I found extraordinary.

As a screenwriter/filmmaker myself, I found the most interesting facets of the book were about his scriptwriting. I had no idea that he sold so many scripts to Hollywood even though only few got made into films (which is the norm in Hollywood for most scripts).

He spends a lot, maybe too much time, recounting his venture into stand up comedy which I know I should expect from a book called ‘The Making of a Stand-Up Guy’, but I didn’t expect so much detail. Maybe I’m not a “stand-up guy” because I didn’t’ require a lot of details about the clubs he first played. He did have several laugh out loud humorous tales, but the book to me is something you read in high school when you HAVE to do a book report on someone.

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