Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ryan Coogler Discusses Landing the Black Panther Directing Gig

Ryan Coogler
By Chris Tilly Ryan, IGN

Ryan Coogler has been talking about landing the Black Panther gig, revealing how much the character means to him, both professionally and personally.

Marvel announced that Coogler would be directing the forthcoming blockbuster earlier this week, so when IGN grabbed some time with him at the Creed junket, we asked how it felt to be working for the superhero studio:

“Oh it’s exciting man, it’s so exciting,” he enthused. “I think even more-so than it being a Marvel movie is that it’s a story that has a lot of meaning and significance to me as a filmmaker, as an artist, and as a film fan. It’s really exciting to be able to do something that’s this unique.”

We also asked Creed star Michael B. Jordan what he thinks about the news.

“Oh man I’m super excited,” he exclaimed. “I’m a big comic book guy, and Black Panther is a character that’s so interesting – T’Challa’s amazing, Chadwick Boseman’s a really amazing actor, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do together.”

Jordan added that he thinks Coogler will ground Black Panther's fantastical story in a degree of realism.

“I think what he brings to all films is a sense of humanity and groundedness to it,” he replied. “I think these Marvel films are so larger than life that I think it’s kind of cool to get a grounded superhero version of that. Of course with all the larger-than-life elements Marvel will be Marvel, especially with the Black Panther being involved with Civil  War, Captain America and that whole kind of thing, I mean I don’t know that much about it, but there’s so much real estate to play with and Ryan I’m pretty sure will find a nice way to tie it all together.”

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