Monday, June 15, 2020

Da 5 Bloods - Review

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This 25th SPIKE LEE JOINT (Feature Film) is really long, but really good! 

This is what I tweeted before we saw ANY footage “before we see a trailer, I’m REALLY looking forward to this because I think #Netflix opened their wallets for Spike 💰💰💰 and a FULLY BUDGETED Spike Lee Joint is usually a dope #SpikeLeeJoint👊🏾” and boy was I right! 💰💰💰

The filmmaking in this picture was off the meters! Let’s start with cinematographer NEWTON THOMAS SIGEL, the visuals, the shots, the scope, the lighting was terrific! From the GRAND to the intimate, SIGEL straight kills it. 

Also killing it is Spike’s long time #composer collaborator #TerenceBlanchard 🎺. I thought the #FilmScore (🎼original music written specifically to accompany a film🎶) was outstanding. Again, from the grand to the intimate. 

The story was good and as usual is peppered with lots of historical tidbits relating to this story of black folks in military service, but at its core was really about family, guilt and forgiveness. 

The acting across the board was off the meters. Starting with the #1 blood CHADWICK BOSEMAN who plays da leader of da Bloods “Stormin’ Norman”. For storyline reasons he’s not in the picture a lot, but when he is he’s terrific! Another terrific performance from him. The other Bloods CLARKE PETERS, ISIAH WHITLOCK JR. and NORM LEWIS were all great! The “son of a blood” JONATHAN MAJORS was also great. The performance of the picture though was no surprise to anyone that saw him in anything was DELROY LINDO—WOW was he magnificent in this role! 

Delroy Lindo in Da 5 Bloods

I’m going to say it, I hope he gets an Oscar nomination for this role—as LEAD ACTOR! He has been a terrific actor for decades and THIS ROLE should deliver him unto Oscar. Another masterful performance from this veteran actor. 

Lastly, #MadProps to the #MainMan SPIKE LEE 🎬for crafting another great Joint! DA 5 BLOODS was terrific! Absolutely one of the best pictures of the year! As he would say, the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty.👊🏾

The film is on Netflix RIGHT NOW! I •LIVE•TWEETED• the picture with pics, gifs and video 'Nother Brother Entertainment on Twitter in a thread 🧵 linked in the tweet below

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