Friday, November 30, 2012

Ledisi — It's Christmas - Cool Black Review

Yo check it, I’m a recent Ledisi fan (like the last two years) so I never heard of this album, released in 2008…frankly before she “Instagrammed” it (below).

Now being a recent fan I said, I like Ledisi, if anything she may give a new twist to some Christmas songs and maybe I could get 1 or 2 to include on a Christmas playlist, but WOW is this album fantastic!

From beginning to end the songs are masterfully arraigned and Ledisi’s voice sounds perfect. Not good, perfect!  I must also give props to the musicians on this album for they did a wonderful job as well.

The album starts off with Ledisi taking us to church and ends that way as well. In the middle could be called “A Soulful Christmas” because it is soulful and bluesy. She even manages to give great cover versions of classic songs (Give Love on Christmas Day and What a Wonderful World). 

My favorite off the album though has to be the beautiful song This Christmas (Could Be the One). A beautiful ballad for the Christmas season.

Every music artist and their mother’s mother has a Christmas album, but believe me when I tell you, for black music fans (R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul…you know the architects of American music) this is a great album.  Even though this is my first time listening to the album, I guess it was predestined for me to love it. It was released on my birthday September 23, 2008 J

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